Seagate Inspections

FHA/VA Certification

Often times lending institutions will require "certification" on one or more systems of a home due to remarks listed on the appraiser’s report.

These system certifications include:

  • Heating Certification
  • Plumbing System Certification
  • Electrical System Certification
  • Roof Certification
  • Structure Certification

All certification inspections are based on two primary aspects:

1. What is it that the lender is requiring specifically related to a particular system?

2. What do the current FHA / VA - HUD certification requirements call for?

Seagate Inspections, Inc. provides these inspections and certifications for many lending institutions in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Please contact our office with your request for certification inspection or simply fill out the information on our Request An Inspection page and someone from our office will call you to get more information and to arrange the certification inspection.